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Situated in northern Croatian, as a part of Podravina region, surrounded by blueness of river Drava in north and town of Ludbreg - a "centre of the world - in south, a place and a municipality called Sveti Djurdj ("Saint George" in English language) is found.

A place mentioned in written documents in 1334 for the first time counts around 750 inhabitants today, living in around 190 homes, and presents a centre of the Sveti Djurdj Municipality.
Sveti Djurdj Municipality was founded back in 1993, and consists of 9 villages, with Sveti Djurdj in a centre, and other villages named Hrzenica, Karlovec, Komarnica, Luka, Obrankovec, Priles, Sesvete and Struga. Almost 4200 inhabitants live on a territory of 45,86 square kilometers.

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